What is Wild Spellcraft?

Wild Spellcraft is a one-Witch shop hosting a variety of magickal offerings for witches and pagans. Everything in the shop is handmade by myself or sourced to support other small woman-owned artisans. My specialty is crafting handmade grimoires and rebound fantasy books - the perfect tools for writing your spells and drawing inspiration from the mystical. Each book is lovingly made with the finest materials and infused with magick. Wild, to me, means freedom, your truest self, your inner child, and stepping into your full power. When something is wild in nature, that typically means it is growing and thriving without society's intervention. Through practicing the art of Spellcraft, we can write our own stories by connecting with nature, working with the elements, communing with our spirits, ancestors, or deities, and exploring the liminal realms. Witchcraft is a personal path to healing the spirit through creativity and finding art and poetry in the practical.

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