What is Wild Spellcraft?

Wild Spellcraft is a one Witch shop born in 2021. Originally specializing in themed Witchcraft boxes with all items handmade by myself, Payge, or sourced to support other small businesses and artists. At the moment you will find a variety of lovingly crafted products for Pagans & Witches. Wild Spellcraft is constantly evolving and coming into its own. The heart remains the same; this is a journey in reclaiming our Wild and making connections through our craft.

" Remember your Wild, my Love. Live your life with the full force of your own naked eternal song, quivering with all that you have ever been and all that you are. This world needs you to rise in your magick more than ever. It can no longer be hidden away. Whether you've claimed the word 'Witch' out loud, or tried it on in a whisper under the glow of the moon, summon your strength and speak it now–we've got a legacy to live. Get out your broom. Tonight we ride! "

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