Perfume: Circe the Enchantress

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Ingredients: Jasmine, sandalwood, clary sage, vanilla planifolia essential oils, and distilled water.


Circe was a powerful sorceress born of Helios (God of the Sum) and Perse (Oceanid Nymph). Although some texts suggest her mother was actually. Hekate (The Goddess of Witchcraft and the Crossroads). She lived in an isolated palace on the island of Aeaea surrounded by lions and wolves. Circe was known to be adept in using the power of herbs in her spellcraft, and often depicted wielding a staff or a wand. She would turn those who crossed her, particularly men, into swine and beasts with a wave of her
wand. She is often portrayed as a jealous seductress, as powerful
women often are. Regardless, Circe was a lover and one of the
first myths exploring the wild woman archetype through the
liberation of magic and sexual freedom.

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Amy Vaccaro
Love it

Smells divine and I am in love with it!

This smells so beautiful!

I love this perfume! I usually tend to steer away from floral scents, but this one is a definite keeper. It is so soft and natural, I can wear it anytime. It smells romantic and girly without being sweet like other perfumed tend to be. It is pretty much perfect!