Wild Spellcraft by Payge Athalene Bellini

Wild Spellcraft

Wild Spellcraft is a one Witch shop owned and operated by myself, Payge Bellini. The idea was born in 2020 and I opened for business September 2021. Wild Spellcraft originally specialized in a range of gift boxes for Witches or those interested in the occult, folklore, paganism, or anything metaphysical and Wild in nature. Each box included handmade items by Payge or products sourced from other small businesses and artists. Currently Wild Spellcraft offers a variety of products and hopes to someday move to subscription based boxes. The business is always evolving as this is very much a personal journey and coming into its own identity. There is currently a Wild Spellcraft Coven on discord (payment via Patreon), that hosts a wonderful group of like-minded and unique Witches. We support each other, learn from each other, hang out for movie nights, and have a monthly Witchy Book Club, and other events.

Payge Bellini

I was born near the coast of California, amongst the apple orchards. I am the first and only daughter of my Punk Rock Father and Aquarius Mother. Ever since I can remember, I've called myself a Witch. I believe there is always more to learn and learn again. My professional background lies in graphic design, the service industry, and I am a non-practicing licensed esthetician. During the pandemic I decided it was time to stop wasting my life working a job that wasn't spiritually fulfilling and thus, Wild Spellcraft was born. This is as much a personal journey of reclaiming my Wild as it is a business adventure and passion. I love helping other witches grow into their own power. I currently reside in Southern California with my amazing husband Kyle and our two cats, Ross and Phoebe. My dream is to live in a coastal New England town and spend my life brewing potions and working in my garden.