Tarot Card Meanings : III The Empress

· By Payge Bellini

Tarot Card Meanings : III The Empress

Keywords: Nurturing, abundant, creative, fertility, feminine, pleasure

The Empress is all about feminine energy, in whatever way that translates to your reading. Are you noticing all the symbolism in each unique card yet? The Empress wears a crown of twelve stars, signifying the twelve planets, months in a year, and her connection to the divine. She wears a robe with pomegranates imprinted, symbolizing fertility. Once again a connection to Persephone. The grain at her feet represents abundance and fertility. The stream; emotions and intuition. 3 in numerology often represents creative expression. The symbol of Venus is seen by her throne of pillows and fabrics. The Empress is the mother or female archetype. All things nurturing, loving, creative, and independent. She is grounded to the earth. When this card appears in a reading it could signify pregnancy or birth. Often metaphorically speaking. The Empress is you or someone in your life who is in tune with their femininity

Reversed: Smothering. Creative block, Lacking confidence. Infertility.

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Rider-Waite Smith Deck The Empress


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