Tarot Card Meanings : I The Magician

· By Payge Bellini

Tarot Card Meanings : I The Magician

Keywords: Power, resourceful, action, initiative, all elements

He stands in the garden of life. Growth and abundance surround him. At his crown is the symbol of infinity, indicating an all knowing power. All four suits are at his table: the pentacle, a cup, a wand, and a sword. The Magician has all the tools he needs to harness the power within. His possibilities are infinite. Mercury rules this card. The planet of communication and intellect. In mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. When The Magician appears in a reading it is all about realizing your own potential. Or perhaps, someone in your life is here to teach you of your true power. Now is the time to manifest your goals. When you combine your spiritual power and knowledge with the resources of the physical realm, the opportunities are endless.

Reversed: Abuse of power, deceit, know-it-all attitude, manipulation, untapped powers.

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air (or all)

"As above, so below."

Rider Waite Tarot The Magician


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